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Family Astrologer and Lifestyle Design Consultant

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Adjunct Professor Pepperdine University GSEP

Our homes at best use provide a place to rest, restore, revitalize, and support our health and well-being. However, in today’s fast paced, ever changing world, our schedules at work and home are often over extended.


As a Family Astrologer and Lifestyle Design Coach, Cathi works with individuals and families via phone, virtually, or in person to develop happier and more fulfilling lifestyles using the ancient wisdom of astrology and mindful practices, along with up-to-date design techniques. Tending to the interiors of the “self” and to the “stage” of one’s life through their home, office, and living places, creating spaces people want to be in! 

Cathi believes our homes should provide a living area that reflects our authenticity and a life lived on purpose. Connecting one’s inner-self with the outer world, she brings depth to her design to assist in the creation of environments that support individuals through life and all of it's transitions.

What Cathi's client's are saying...

Cathy Jacobsen


 The Edge Holistic Living Magazine

Cathi’s Astrological Design work is amazing! All of the ideas in her “Inspiration Report” were spot on. Having Cathi look at your home interior from an individual astrological perspective, and then create living spaces that support and comfort your family is incredibly meaningful. Cathi’s work is heart-centered and feels so personalized. Her work truly affirmed who I am at this time of my life.


This is the best idea ever!

Allan McDougall

Author & Speaker, AM Speaking

I had the pleasure of meeting Cathi at a Les Brown Speaker Training. As a result of that meeting, I asked her to research my astrological chart in three areas: career, health and relationships. She was very precise and professional. By utilizing two telephone conversations and email she gave me so much beneficial and accurate information that once again I am focused on my path to my life's purpose. 

Yas Hardaway,

Executive Director Career Services, Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology - Founder Insight Careers

Cathi Curen is one of the strongest facilitators I have witnessed. She creates experiences that are intentional and profound. Cathi is a gifted counselor, with a high level of emotional intelligence. As a result, participants feel safe to explore their vulnerabilities, while empowering their personal stories. Her blended background in psychology and astrology, coupled with her life experience allow Cathi to connect with her participants from a place of empathy and wisdom. She pays attention to the subtle details when designing a program--so much so, that participants feel that the experience was uniquely designed with their individualities in mind. And in fact, it was. If you are seeking a transformational experience from a professional who has the presence and skill to create one, I highly recommend Cathi Curen. 

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