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April 23-25, 2018, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Do you crave time for self-reflection?

Want to delve deeper into your understanding of astrology?

Learn more about yourself and your relationships?

Join us for an experiential weekend retreat in Southern California where you can recharge, reflect, and re-connect more fully with your authentic self while gaining insight through your personal astrology. 

We'll "retreat" in nature to realize more of our authentic selves.

What to Expect:

Nature is such a great example of authentic expression. We are made from the stars and have an inherent drive to live from our natural state of being. Unfortunately, for many of us our gifts lie dormant for lack of nurturing.  

Astrology reminds us of who we innately are. It affirms our uniqueness - our true nature, and our birth charts are the blueprint and set of tools that we can use for the crafting of our lifestyle design. Our personal astrology provides insight on how to nurture and embody our own individual and unique "Sun Light" to live life as a fuller expression of our authentic selves.  

What is the story you are telling yourself?

Is it one that rings true for you?


As we seek to re-connect to more of who we are through the cycles of life, it is beneficial to begin, or to continue our journal practice with intention as a medium for self-inquiry, clarity, and self-understanding. To help us to define our next chapter. By engaging in the process we are able to differentiate our true selves from the fictional stories we may have been living in. 

Through the movement of the pen we can rediscover our purpose with a new appreciation for integrating all aspects of ourselves. By keeping an account of dreams, life synchronicity, and developing the habit of daily gratitude, a new story begins to surface. A clearer and more genuine one.

Is it time to create a new chapter in your life?

If so, this retreat is for you!

As a result of investing  in yourself and by attending the Authentic Living Retreat, you will be able to bring more purpose and meaning into your life through practices you can incorporate into your daily living.

Learn how to create sacred spaces, live a healthier lifestyle, and have better relationships with the ones you love.  

Retreat Timeline:

  • Check in Friday April 23rd at 3pm, and  concludes Sunday April 25th at 3pm. 

The Authentic Living Retreat includes:

  • Three (3) personal 30 minute sessions; before event, during retreat, and one month follow-up.

  • Room; two nights stay

  • All meals 

  • Copy of your natal chart and all materials for retreat activities

Retreat Cost and Payment Options:

  • Single Occupancy: $1111 if registered by October 20th 2017; $1222 thereafter. Non-Refundable deposit of $400 due June 30, 2017 with balance due January 31, 2018

  • Single Occupancy monthly payment plan: prorated based on time of registration

You can register for the retreat here.

Space is limited. Register early to secure your spot! 

For more information on retreat coordination and facilitation for your organization, or to be added to our event list, please call:

(424) 262-4115 or email us at

Simplify, Stress less, Live more, Retreat, Repeat!

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