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Star Fusion 2017: Resolve to Be Authentically You

As an Astrologer and Lifestyle Design Coach, what gives my life meaning and purpose is helping others to realize their “star” quality. It’s really quite a miracle how stars are born and it relates, I believe, to how we as humans come to live out our own light.

In short, each star begins as clouds of dust and gases, and over time these particles fall into itself and the center grows denser. As the particles get hotter and hotter they start to stick and fuse together. This fusion becomes the energy source which switches the star on, and it begins to shine.

Why is this significant?

Because we all have a purpose, a light that we can shine brighter or would do well to turn on.

Why is this so hard?

We live in a world with so many influences and choices, many of which are not our own but the stardust of others. This thing, our purpose, that is innate and natural to us is often the most challenging for us to fuse and light.

Outside forces can create an inside perception that often keeps our world spinning in a fog. Maybe we think others should accept us for who we are and with that, we want others to think the same, to want the same things, and to feel loved by the same words and deeds. We have lost our light and as a result, in the midst of it all, snuff out the light of others.

If things are really unclear for us we might expect others to know what we want even though we don’t. As difficult as it can be to accept this, we all resort to this kind of thinking at times. Yet, the light is still there...

Falling into ourselves is not a selfish act, it is one of acceptance and tolerance for ourselves and others.

So, what is the answer?

With each New Year the ritual has been to make a resolution. Instead, this year I encourage you to make an intention to change your rituals and habits, to light your star, and live more authentically. Because when you know who you are, other things will fall into place and your future can truly be bright.

Big change comes from lots of little steps, our own fusion of particles over time. If we want to live our lives with more meaning and purpose, we will do best to commit our intentions to a lifetime. Therefore, I ask you to commit each month of 2017 to something new, something that will support your authenticity.

With that said, I invite you to start this year with a bang. To resolve to get to know yourself more. By doing so you will find that your relationships can get better – especially the one with yourself! When you know who you are, no matter what happens you know that you have been honest and real with yourself and others. What a gift!

I know from my own journey and practices that manifested intentions are a result of our own work and commitment. However, we all benefit greatly from a strong support system.

Join me and others this year as we cycle together through the next twelve months while I provide steps to help fuse your life’s purpose into greater meaning. Check back often or sign up to follow this blog. Let me know how your Star Fusion 2017 is going at

Star Fusion 2017:

January: Meditation, February: Relationships, March: Sacred Spaces, April: Life Scripting, May: Letting Go, June: Gratitude, July: Inner-dependence, August: Family, September: Keep Moving, October: True Love, November: Emotional Intelligence, December: Authentically Yours

Happy New Year! Happy New You!

© 2017 Cathi Curen

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