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Family Astrologer & Lifestyle Design Consultant


Cathi has been working in some form of interior design, construction operations, and event planning since 1985. Her interest in astrology began around that same time. She has always had a passion for empowering others and has spent over 30 years researching the dynamics of the family and how our early relationships and environments shape our lives.

Cathi began reading charts professionally in 2003. She lectures and teaches on a variety of topics including, astrology, mythology, parenting, relationships, and meditation.  

Beginning with an interest in relationships and family, through the years her practice has evolved into a pairing of working with her clients on the representation of internal psychological structures in combination with their external structures and environments. Her unique approach incorporates the blueprint of each client’s astrological house system as a means to help create spaces in their homes and offices that represent their authenticity, and support well-being for successful living.

Building on her interests of psychological structures, integrative health, and interpersonal communication, Cathi went on to receive her bachelor's in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2011. While at UCLA, she coordinated the 1st Annual Regents Scholar Society Speakers Series, presenting Big Bang Theory actress and neuroscientist, Mayim Bialik. In addition, while working on her studies, Cathi connected with the Mindful Awareness Research Center where she deepened her meditation practice, and was an active support for the Mind Well segment of the Healthy Campus Initiative.  

Cathi completed her master’s degree in clinical psychology at Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology, where she counseled at GSEP Career Services using the Career Construction Interview to help students and alumni design transitional personal narratives. Her work as a professor at Pepperdine teaching Career Development to master's and doctorate students reinforces the importance of reevaluating our perspectives and rearranging our environments to support  successful change. 

Professional Summary & Timeline

In her late twenties, Cathi became managing partner of a residential construction company where she gained years of experience in home planning and interior design.  While growing the business, Cathi moonlighted developing her interests of astrology and psychology. Over time she began to see how difficult it was for families to adjust to leaving one home and entering another. Observing how our sense of security is tied to our living spaces, Cathi was inspired to combine her interests and talents to help individuals and families transition through life changes to create supportive spaces from the inside out. 

In 1997 Cathi created the Secret Series, an array of life enhancing materials that support children in building a solid internal foundation. The Series includes her revolutionary process for parents and children; the  

Me + U Interactive Journal. Her children’s book and audio meditation, The Secret Journey were added to Arun Gandhi’s annual national campaign, the Season for Nonviolence Book List in 1998.

Cathi’s desire to share information has prompted her use of the media as a platform to help others. As a result of meeting one of her first mentors in 1997, Radio and TV Personality Les Brown, she became a content contributor on parenting and youth for Les’ New York radio program. Cathi sees her writing and media presence as an opportunity to reach others and to help them see that their lives have meaning and purpose.  


In 2001 Cathi partnered with California State University, Dominguez Hills and presented a three part webinar on Conscious Parenting. Included was an interview she arranged with the late Nathaniel Branden known for his work on the psychology of self-esteem. The interview was one of the highlights of her career. 

In 2003 Cathi consulted with a medical astrologer by the suggestion of a good friend for a potentially threatening health issue. The reading was so accurate that it inspired her to join the American Federation of Astrologers and study astrology more seriously. Realizing the depth and usefulness of astrology as a transitional tool, it has become the umbrella of her work.   

As a result of her growing interest in astrology, in 2007 Cathi published The Ascending Circle Network, an E-Zine devoted to providing the latest in alternative practices and conscious techniques to support the development of the complete child. The electronic magazine included Cathi’s articles on the astrological archetypes in relation to parenting practices, and also included regular articles by notable contributor’s like author Judith Orloff, M.D.

In 2010 Cathi began hosting and producing an internet radio program, Holistic Children Radio, where she interviewed authors and internationally recognized guests in an effort to share the latest concepts to support today's changing families.

Cathi finds it an honor to work with her client’s as they learn from ancient wisdom practices while balancing a present day approach. She continues to share her work through the media and appreciates the opportunity to work in person and virtually with her clients. She enjoys hosting 

Astrological and Sacred Spaces Retreats to encourage authentic living and training others through her Astrological Design Apprenticeship Program.

Cathi is the mother of a grown daughter and son, and three granddaughters who continue to teach her about the power of love and how astrology influences our lives.  

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