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Your Child Does Come With An Instruction Book

Dear Parents,


The information on this website is for educational purposes and further understanding of astrology. It is my hope that by taking into consideration the various signs, planets, and other aspects of astrology that you read about here, you will learn of our individual complexities and gain a greater understanding of the depth and awareness astrology has to offer to you as a parent.   

We all know our Sun Sign and as entertaining as it is to read about them, it is a general disservice to ourselves and others to box one by viewing them through the lens of their Sun Sign characteristics only, without regard to the other influences in the birth chart. There is so much more that makes up our unique identity. Just as we cannot assume we know someone by the color of their skin, socioeconomic status, or gender; without being able to see life from each others individual perspective we will never fully understand each other.  Astrology opens that door.

Most of us tend to “react” to our children who are not like us – without really knowing who they are.  With chart recognition, we can gain a deeper understanding, compassion, and tolerance for our children and family members saving ourselves time from entangled arguments, and in turn prepare our children for their future relationships and life’s work.   

A birth chart presents a blueprint for the fullness of who we are, the instruction book to living out our full potential and will of our Sun. With an accurate birth time, date, year, and location of a child’s birth parents have access to all kinds of information. For example, our child’s natural talents and abilities, what our child needs to feel comforted, to feel successful, what makes them unique, how they communicate, relate to others, and what their life lessons are.

I began my career in coaching by speaking and presenting workshops for parents and child care providers in an effort to facilitate more conscious parenting practices. While doing so I would often hear, “If only kids came with an instruction book!” And today I can confidently say they actually do.

All twelve Signs are represented in our charts. The Sign position of each Planet represents the basic energy of how the Planet operates.You can read more about each Sign here.   

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