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Working with one's astrological blueprint gives structure to the types of colors, accessories, textures, and style one feels comfortable in

At Astrological Interiors, Cathi's goal is to create a transitional design that assists her clients in aligning all of their interiors. Her philosophy combines the interior design of one's environmental spaces with the interior of the self, one's internal perception. The results are spaces that nurture the spirit and support well-being for successful living.  

Color is an important part of Cathi's design package. Color moves us. We reference it in conversation to describe our moods, we use it in ceremony, and since ancient times, color has been used for healing. It's most important effects are within our personal spaces. 

Cathi works to find the colors that support and nurture each individual or family's unique lifestyle. She does not look to outside trends but to the specific needs of her clients. She sees herself as a co-creator to help bring out the best in her client's to align their interiors.

When working with families Cathi takes into account that spaces are shared and carefully considers each family member to help create a design that welcomes everyone home. 

Let Cathi help you discover the colors and style that nurture your unique lifestyle.

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