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Are you living your own story?

Relationships are the cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle. However, when the lives we are living are a result of the influences of others and we find ourselves at a crossroad, pondering which way to go, it's time to write a new chapter. Time to appreciate our unique talents and allow ourselves the process and freedom of living an authentic life. The life we are meant to live.

The way we view our world has a tremendous impact on our environment and relationships, in the same that what we surround ourselves with reinforces it. Are the things that encompass you positive, or are you holding on to the past? We cannot reveal who we truly are if we are clinging to old stories holding ourselves hostage within chaotic clutter versus organized calm.   

It's not uncommon for individuals to be living the story written by someone else. Often the result of well-meaning family members, our cultural imprints, or environmental circumstances which may or may not serve us. Yet, a new story tends to lay just beneath our conscious awareness. 

The natal chart can bring insight otherwise unnoticed. It can "shine light" on things formerly unseen. One's personal astrological mandala becomes a blueprint to build on through the transition at hand.

As we begin to remember more of who we are through the cycles of life, it is beneficial to begin a journal practice as a tool for self-inquiry, clarity, and self-understanding. By doing so one is able to differentiate themselves from the fictional story they have been living. 

Through the movement of the pen we can rediscover our purpose with a new appreciation for all of the unique parts of ourselves. By keeping an account of dreams, life synchronicity, and developing the habit of daily gratitude, a new story begins to unfold.

This integration becomes a platform to live with more love and compassion for all beings, especially one's self, creating deeper, more fulfilling relationships. It sets in place the re-wiring which creates a current, igniting inspiration for more supportive spaces from the inside out.   


Is it time to create a new chapter in your life?

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