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Our spaces are not just about what we see but how we feel. When we are going through enormous shifts of change we can find comfort in recognizing all of our sensory needs. 

Creating sacred spaces in your home and office can represent the difference of feeling balanced or feeling out of sorts. Our lives can often appear overloaded but our spaces don't have to be. They can be places of periodic retreat by making just a few simple changes. 

Our sense of smell is the first to mature and 

scent memory can be extremely soothing. Are there certain scents that clam you? If so be sure to include them in your spaces for those times you need a lift. 

Creating outdoor spaces extends our living area and reconnects us with nature and the natural process of life. A few changes can remind us of the simple pleasures that can make a powerful difference in our state of mind, body and spirit. 

Having daily and regular rituals also brings balance to our lives. Something as regular as a bath can be transformed into a spa treatment with a little creativity.   

If you are interested in learning how to enhance your environment, Astrological Interiors hosts Sacred Spaces Retreats to encourage the implementation of everyday rituals and sensory pleasures. Email us at to be added to our mailing list for upcoming retreats.

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