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Serving as Virgo

Most parents wish for the perfect child.

The Virgo influenced child wishes to be it! Impossible as perfection is, this sign's business is to strive to accomplish it.

Naturally intelligent, analytical, and orderly; supporting your child on their efforts to master their developing skills is an important task for the parent of a Virgo child. 

"Play with purpose" is their motto, therefore providing opportunities to learn through play will nurture this child's innate talents. Lots of books and options to practice their abilities for fact-finding, along with access to creative media materials will keep them happy. 

The Virgo child tends to worry, especially about their health, so helping them to set a hygiene routine will put them at ease and assist them in feeling more secure.

Being of service to others is natural to Virgo however, because of their shyness, they generally prefer doing it without being seen or noticed for it.



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