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Give Me a Sign

"Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines." ~ Robert Schuller

Zodiac symbols, painted relief on the terrace of a Gopuram at Kanipakam

What I love the most about astrology is the symbolism and what that means to the individual. In the pre-verbal stage when infants and children cannot communicate in words. Memories are stored in images and feelings, and those memories are the key to what nurtures us and provide insight to our deepest fears. What is truly exciting and rewarding to me as an astrologer is to see how the symbolism of one’s chart speaks to them, because it is the earliest and often unconscious memories that can hold us back from our full expression in life.

Astrology is almost as old as mankind and symbols are powerful indicators that can give us understanding about our life direction and purpose. They are also a reflection of what is occurring beneath our conscious awareness. Symbols create a bridge between spirit and form. They provide important information about our present circumstances and future possibilities. Most importantly, they give us a deeper understanding of the relationships and situations in our lives, notably, the relationships with our partners, children, and families.

It was Carl Jung who suggested that the unconscious mind contained two parts: the personal unconscious, which contains memories of individual experiences, and the collective unconscious, which is said to hold the experiences of the entire human race.

With that said, the more we are aware of the signs and symbols in our lives, the more empowered we can become. The symbols of astrology have been carried down through the ages collectively for thousands of years, and we all personally sense on some level the energies of the planets based on our natal and transitional charts. Within our personal mandala we see that there is a common thread that connects us to the past and draws us into the future.

So when the emotional upsets and uncertainties show up in life, think of those childhood experiences that bring you comfort and be sensitive to the meaningful symbols that show up in your life. Pay attention to what you take in through all of your senses. For example, we may find answers in the conversations we have with others or that we overhear, within our dreams, in the beauty of nature or a passing animal, the songs that we hear, or in the seemingly coincidences that take place,

Therefore, when the challenging feelings surface, ask yourself if there was another time you felt this way and remind yourself of those childhood experiences that bring a sense of contentment.

Most of all remember that….

Every moment the universe is showing us something if only we’re aware. Do you see the signs?

© Cathi Curen 2017

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