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By the Light of the Lunar Eclipse Moon

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth." ~Buddha

Selene the ancient Greek Titan goddess of the moon. Roman artwork of the Imperial period. Found at Ostia in 1825.

The August full moon lunar eclipse is the preamble to what is being called the “Great American Eclipse” which will occur on August 21, 2017. Why is this such a big deal? Because the path of eclipses vary and are only visible from the same place every 375 years!

Today’s full moon eclipse, or Full Sturgeon Moon as named by Native Americans for the fish that inhabited the Great Lakes, is our prelude to this upcoming “great” solar eclipse cycle. A cycle that sets the stage for the next several months. Astrologically speaking, these life-altering eclipses can illuminate what is unconscious to birth something completely different that will change the course of our lives – if perceived with awareness of course.

During these next few weeks it will be especially helpful to pay attention to the signs that show up within and around you, including your dreams. You may even want to prompt the unconscious by asking for guidance around a particular question or concern before you drift off to sleep.

In the astrology tradition, lunar eclipses constitute endings, whereas a solar eclipse represents new beginnings. Both eclipses work together with intensity to shake us out of old habits. The full moon bringing to conscious that which has been in the shadows – as we are pulled forward with new life events under the direction of the solar eclipse.


The lunar eclipse is feminine, emotional, and relational, therefore we can easily be propelled by past emotions that we have worked so hard to submerge. However, a lunar eclipse can also be the catalyst to slog through them, moving us into the side of light.

Of course these are all generalizations and each of us will experience the eclipses differently based on the planets and aspects (location of planets to each other) within our personal charts. However, even if you don’t know where these events fall for you astrologically, you can still incorporate the Native American tradition of fishing for the sturgeon; a large primitive fish.

Take a few moments to think. What primitive emotions or habits do you need to bring the surface and into the light? Then go fish!

Now is the time to take back our power as we anchor ourselves in the center of what we find to be true. Today let the moon reflect back what needs to be known to you…

Every moment the universe is showing us something if only we’re aware. Do you see the signs?

© Cathi Curen 2017

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