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Family Patterns & Other Isolating Ideas

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

~ John Donne

Astrology in its best use can help us to become more aware of not only our own preferences and behaviors, but of those we love and care about. At the same time, the information that our natal charts provide, is only as good as the use we put it too.

With the majority of our daily interactions a result of our unconscious, the chart can open doors into the psychic spaces that are dusty or locked. Closed off because either we are not yet aware of their presence, or possibly jammed shut as a result of bringing shame to us in the past. Or just maybe, we have not yet learned to harness their power and therefore, feel they are better left alone.

In the scope of living authentically, chances are most of us could say we have been shaped by those early environments and the acceptance or lack of, our natural ways and talents. Our families are the stage we stand on to explore our characters, yet the scripts we often read can feel a bit foreign. That is, until we experience something new or undergo so much pain that we have no choice but to change.

As social beings we do not live our lives in isolation. In the same way, we do not express our charts through our “Sun” signs only. The Sun, which represents our will and that which we aspire to, does not live alone either. It synthesizes with all of the other signs and planets and their placements in our charts.

I love the wisdom of Rumi, who said, “That which you are seeking is seeking you.”

Beautiful, simple words – yet not so simple to follow. Why? Because we have to look within before it shows up without. We are talking about some hard work and inner inventory which may take years to bare fruit.

To add, the benefit of astrology is not just about our own natal and progressed charts, but how we coexist with others. This speaks to the times we are having trouble with someone who has been in our lives for years, a child who challenges us, or a stirring within that we just can’t explain. Here, a look at charts together, in synastry, can feed us more information - allowing us to make better choices and to see the world though another perspective. Even more fascinating, with enough information astrology can give us insight to our family patterns and to who, and/or what, may be helpful to free us of the isolating thoughts of our past.

Finally, astrology can assist us in the process of change both psychically and spatially. For those with children, I encourage you to take a look at the information for parents here as a starting point for working synergistically with your child or even the child within.

Our Sun sign, does not always express itself easily and to support authenticity in ourselves and others, we can create environments that help to set the foundation. By no means forcefully, but by setting a stage for the child to explore how he or she can express and develop their talents and gifts.

I am a firm believer that even without a natal reading children will lead us to their likes and dislikes, and that our job as parents and caregivers, is to expose them to more of their innate interests, building on their natural ability. Certainly, this can be challenging if our world views are not the same. Yet, challenging as it may be, I have found when doors are opened and investigated, the pain has a chance to escape and dissipate.

As we enter this new year with its own collective, generational challenges; a slowdown, a step back, that which may even feel like a set back, may remind us of our own talents. Talents that can further enhance our futures and the futures of those we love.

Today is the day….and remember...

Every moment the universe is showing us something if only we’re aware. Do you see the signs?

© Cathi Curen 2019

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