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Second Chances

“Second chances do come your way. Like trains, they arrive and depart regularly. Recognizing the ones that matter is the trick.“ ~ Jill A. Davis

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write. And although every so often it has felt like I have stepped off at the wrong station, the hours have not been idle, but a completion of goals. A second chance in life to unpack from the from the earlier stops and stages. A chance taken with my second Saturn return. The time in life when Erin Sullivan says, “We have gathered about us all the material that we feel makes up the total self.”

As I re-station, I must acknowledge the gratitude that I have for being able to have traveled this far. Not all make it to the places they want to go. Just as I have been able to go forward with aspirations of new and exciting adventures, I have also experienced much loss of life recently. Losses that have reminded me of the preciousness of each day. Treasured time to spend with the ones we love, to do the things we love, and to share our love while we still can.

Time to explore this thing called love...

Walt Disney had a love for trains, and it’s been said that the idea of Mickey Mouse came to him while riding one. Most of us don’t ride trains so much anymore, but I find the idea a great metaphor for the journey of life. My last long train ride was through the England countryside and I remember it vividly. To be able to move with ease and see so far, yet feel as if life is slowed down a bit, which is often what we need to do before we step onto the next platform.

New Tickets & Destinations

I’ve mentioned in the past, my appreciation of how astrology reminds us of how we get several opportunities to “revisit” some of the areas of our lives we have not yet pictured quite right. In the same way, I find that one of the benefits of being a parent is that we get another chance to tour the parent-child relationship. Create a new memory, new snapshot. Even more so when we become a grandparent! As a matter of fact, all of our relationships provide the juncture. So I ask, how will you choose to travel?

I don’t believe any of us intentionally start out heading for the same destination, I just think there are so many events that can derail us and before we know it, time, and ourselves have slipped away. How wonderful that we can be reminded through astrological symbols and retrograde cycles of our unique contribution to life! To get back on track to our destination.

Take Time to Enjoy the Side Trips

Side trips may appear a distraction however, I propose, not always so. Often they are just what we need to remind ourselves of where we are going or what we need to pick up along the way. It is only when we are handed the wrong ticket that we forget who we are and where we are going. It is then, that frighteningly, we can find ourselves lost along the way.

Arriving: A Cause for Celebration

Second chances are a spectacular occasion for celebration! How do you celebrate your life? Your relationships? Those you have traveled with in the past? Big or small, now is the time to think about it, the time to appreciate and celebrate all that life has to offer, because as we know, “now” is really all we have. We can’t change the challenges that life throws at us to our favor, but we do have a choice in how we manage them.

As we travel, there will be plenty of stops along the way, time waiting at the station, delays, and missed trains. Yet, all of it will have meaning if we make it.

My love for writing reminds me of who I am and where I am going. What reminds you?

Why not do it?

Today is the day….and remember...

Every moment the universe is showing us something if only we’re aware. Do you see the signs?

© Cathi Curen 2018

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