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Love Signs: Astrology Compatibility

"Love is not always doing what brings pleasure; love is also doing what is good for someone, whatever the cost at the moment." ~ Linda Goodman

Relationships are often the reason individuals seek astrologers. They want to know if the love they have will last, whether they will find it, or for which Signs they are the best matched. And for that, I am truly grateful to the late Linda Goodman. She was instrumental in familiarizing the public through her books on our Sun Sign traits. However, if we are really concerned about our relationships we need to look deeper into our personal astrology, as the quality of our relationships are a measure of our self-awareness. The better we get to know ourselves and the Signs, Planets, and House influences through the cycles of our lives, the richer our love relationships can become.

Many moons ago, the first astrology book I purchased was Linda Goodman's Love Signs. It's an almost twelve hundred page compilation of the ease and challenges that we might face in our relationships based on our Sun Signs. It was a great coffee table book. I picked it up each time we had guests so I could do my research and test Goodman's theories to see if what she said was true about the individuals sitting in front of me. It was great fun, and is still a standing book in my library because she has written so well and extensively on each of the Sun Signs. Besides, my Libra Sun loves the subject of relationships!

However, all Sun Sign individuals of the same Sun Sign are not alike, because we can be motivated by so much more in our effort to live "it" out.

I was quite surprised to learn early on in my studies that we have the influence of all twelve signs in our personalities. Somewhat disheartening, as it questioned the angst I felt about certain Signs I had run-ins with, which almost gave me reason to quit right then and there! More significantly, on the positive side, after realizing the beauty of working with one's chart is to assist them to live "through" it, not fight it, it gave me acumen to pause and become more tolerant and self-aware. I had to face the facts that taking off my own mask, was the first step to better relationships. And astrology is a great tool to do so.

I am a firm believer that the most important relationship in our lives is the one we have with ourselves, that love is not outside of us, and that the treatment we give ourselves is the template others follow. The more we know about ourselves the less we expect others to fill our needs, create our happiness, or solve our problems. Then, when others share in these areas, they are the blessings of a relationship - not the expectations, which tend to initiate more friction than friendship, the withstanding foundation of our love relationships.

Our culture romanticizes love, but that is not the truth of longstanding love. Life is full of ups and downs, situations we are not always prepared for. When we know who we are from the inside out we set ourselves up for a love that supports understanding, compromise, and tolerance. A gift that is rich and full of potential. Experience summons that we tend to grow stronger from our challenges than from what comes easy. Therefore, what one should endeavor is a balance of both ease and challenge in our relationships, a partner who is willing to travel the journey along side us, and an understanding of how we each individually navigate it.

© 2017 Cathi Curen

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