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Retrograde: A Step Back to Go Forward

"There is a period in life when we go back as we advance." ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Photo of Santa Maria del Popolo Church in Rome. God with symbols of Sun and Seven planets with Angels - architecture (1513-1514)

Those who have an interest in astrology are familiar with the term retrograde, especially when it comes to the planet Mercury. The word retrograde means going backwards and of course planets don’t actually move in reverse, it just appears they do so. However, what we don’t often consider is that like Mercury, other planets also retrograde. As an astrologer it is important information to contemplate when delineating one's natal chart, because the retrograde planets are telling in the use of one's planetary power.

When planets show up retrograde in the natal chart, it indicates that our energies are more internalized and slower to manifest in the external world due to the depth of our thinking in these areas. Incidentally, many of us have retrograde planets because the average horoscope has two. In some cases this can be a blessing, and in other cases it may slow down development, thus, the beauty for parents in working with their children’s charts. We can have a conscious recognition of our child’s natural state and as a result, be able to provide support for them in the larger scope of things.

For example, if we have Mars retrograde we will often present ourselves as less competitive, with our competition being more self-directed and our interests more focused on spiritual desires. We are apt to work out the details to everything inside ourselves before acting externally. On the other hand, when we have Venus retrograde we can have difficulty showing affection to others - we still feel deeply, but expressing it to others poses a challenge for us. Our perception and concerns over the experience of love and affection can prompt exaggeration of our emotional hurts.

Each of us are divinely different! And by recognizing this we can become more compassionate and tolerant of ourselves and others. We can allow ourselves and others to live more authentically.

One of the benefits of working with our astrological blueprint is often the insight to our blind spots. We are all here to make an imprint on the world and those with retrograde planets, due to their careful thought, just might be the next leaders and innovators.

Leo Buscaglia said, “Change is the end result of all true learning,” and understanding ourselves – our strengths and challenges, gifts and talents, are the beginning of making that change.

Astrology can take us there!

© 2017 Cathi Curen

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